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Mobile Concrete Production Plants

Piccini Mobile Concrete Production Plant

Piccini Tower

Tower ModelStorage Capacity (m3)Dry Output (m3/h)Mixers (no.)Vibrated Output (m3)Tower Height (m)Hourly Output (m3/h)Technical Specs
xPT25025012012.02060PICCINI TOWER




Piccini Mobile 3

Mixer ModelMixer Output (Lt)Hourly Output (m3/h)Skip Capacity (Lt)Cement Scale (Kg)Technical Specs
MRF50060025825500PICCINI MOBILE 3
MRF 750900401237500
MRF 10001200541650600

Complete Concrete Production Plants

Plant TypeTechnical Specs
Mixers, Aggregate Hoppers, Feed/Conveyor Mechanism, Silo’s as per the customer’s requirementsCOMPLETE CONCRETE PRODUCTION PLANTS


  • Monolithic heavy duty frame built with steel-channel sections and high thickness plate.
  • Fixed type pan completely lined internally by interchangeable anti-abrasion steel panels.
  • Steel alloy helicoidal blade rotation reduction gears with oil bath lubrication.
  • Self-braking skip geared motor for the ascent and descent of the skip, possibility of stopping in any required position.
  • NiCr cast iron mixing blades proper shaped and fitted in order to assure the homogenizing of the mix. The blades can be set up as well as the supporting arms.
  • Automatic hydraulic hatch opening system with torque generator or piston depending on the model. Each pan mixer can be equipped with maximum 3 hatches following the customer requirements.
Planetary Mixers (Forced mixing with Skip)
Mixer ModelSkip Capacity (Lt)Soft Output Capacity (Lt)Power (HP)Technical Specs
MRF 37562045015
MRF 50082560025
MRF 750125090040
MRF 10001650120060
MRF 1000 DM1650120060
MRF 1500 DM2500180040+40
MRF 2000 DM3000240060+60

Double Axle Mixers

Mixer ModelLoad Capacity (Lt)Soft Output Capacity (Lt)Power (HP)Technical Specs
MB 2250225018002×40
MB 300030024002×50
MB 3750375030002×60
MB 4500450036002×75
MB 5000500040002×100
MB 6000600048002×100
MB 7500750060002×125
MB 9000900072004×75

Aggregates Dosing Unit with Hoppers

Modelx = Number of Hoppersxx = Struck Capacity (m3)Technical Specs
x TR-P-xx3, 4 and 510, 20 and 30AGGREGATES DOSING UNIT

Cement Doser and Silo’s

ModelCapacity (m3)Technical Specs
Monolithic Cement Silo21, 28, 35, 42 and 50CEMENT DOSER AND SILOS
Telescopic Cement Silo18, 23, 29, 34 and 40