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Scraping Arm Batching Plants

 Piccini Scraping Arm Batching Plant

  • Forced regime planetary mixers with interchangeable mixing implements.
  • Independent control mechanism ensures simultaneous aggregate dosing and mixing operation.
  • Fast output of high quality concrete ensured through motorized rotating mixing implements.
  • Dosing through control of electronic cells to very high precision.
  • Compact dimensions with overhead silo.

Scraping Arm Batching Plants with Planetary Mixers

Plant ModelProduction (m3/h)Concrete Output per cyclePower (kw)Technical Specs
MF 2505 / 102505MF 250
MF 4008 / 144007.5MF 400
MF 75012 / 185009MF 750
MF 750/CS14 / 1850013MF 750CS
RBM 100018 / 2060021.5RBM 1000

Scraping Arm Batching Plants with Drum Mixers

Plant Model
Production (m3/h)
Concrete Output per cycle
Power (kw)
Technical Specs
RBX 600 ME IE11 / 134009RBX 600 ME IE
RBX 850 IE15 / 1860012RBX 850 IE
RBX 1500 IE20 / 25100025RBX 1500 IE

Scraping Arm Batching Plants for Dosing Mobile Mixers

Plant Model
Production (m3/h)Concrete Output per cycle
Power (kw)
Technical Specs
CBR 300018 / 24300012ALL CBR
CBR 450023 / 29450015